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Post by •Saiko• on Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:09 pm

My heart feels so broken
I've gone numb and so dead.
You're hurtful words
Are still there in my head.

You said that you loved me
You said that you cared.
It hurts knowing they were fake,
Those memories we shared.

You said all those things
And I thought they were true.
I was hurt and left broken
All because of you.

I'm tired of lies
And how you filled me with sorrow.
You drowned out my cries
And told them, "She'll be fine tomorrow."

All thanks to you
I've lost my ability to feel.
I just kept asking myself
'How can any of this be real?'

But now that it's over
And you're far away,
I can give up on my sadness
And leave today.

My pain won't be over
For many years to come.
You're the cause of that
and maybe then some.

Once I find someone who
Will treat me just right,
I can finally forget about you
And the pain from that night.
That night that you lied
And broke my heart and my trust.
But all along I knew
This friendship was just....

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